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Divorce Illustrated Workbook

by Molly A. Minnick, A.C.S.W

Cover is an illustration by Noel he titled A New Baby.

Divorce Illustrated Workbook was written for use in the therapeutic relationship with a child who is being seen for individual or group therapy around the topic of a parental divorce. It is a workbook for the child to use and take with him or her at the end of the group or individual therapy sessions.

The activities in Divorce Illustrated Workbook are arranged in an order similar to those in Group Work with Children of Divorce. This 75 page workbook is ideal for use with children in any number of settings. It is priced so that multiple copies can be ordered.


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Divorce Illustrated

by Molly A. Minnick, A.C.S.W

Cover is an illustration by David, age 12, he titled His feelings overwhelm him.

Divorce Illustrated is the companion resource to Group Work with Children of Divorce. It was written approximately four years after the original publication. According to author Molly A. Minnick, LMSW, it was written for several reasons.

First, many therapist had been using the Group Work Manual for several years and they needed new ideas and projects to enhance the existing program. In addition, some therapist reported that they needed ideas for younger and older children. Divorce Illustrated addresses this request with activities for preschool children who cannot yet read along with thought provoking exercises for adolescent children entering adulthood.

Second, it was found that not all children can be seen in groups. Some children do not function well in the group setting. In addition, some settings where children are seen are not conductive to groups. Divorce Illustrated was written to address all of these needs. It is a manual which can be with the individual child in play therapy.

Divorce Illustrated is cross referenced so that it can also be easily used as a supplement to Group Work with Children of Divorce. In addition, there is a section outlining which activities are best suited for various aged children.



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Group Work with Children of Divorce

by Molly A. Minnick, A.C.S.W

Group Work with Children of Divorce is a comprehensive, 62 page manual for anyone wanting to conduct a support group program for children experiencing a parental divorce. Included is everything needed to begin and facilitate a successful divorce group program in a variety of settings. Over 700 copies of this manual have been purchased for use throughout the United States in order to assist children experiencing divorce.

Through the use of their own drawing and words, the introduction explores common feelings experienced by children whose parents divorce. A comprehensive review of the literature is also included in the introduction.

The next section of the manual reviews the topic of starting a group in settings such as schools, community mental health centers, the courts and through community education. Sample letters and information for parents are also included.

A total of eight session outlines are included. Each session is clearly detailed with a purpose, the materials needed, and notes to the therapist. All of the handouts are included as are drawings and information from children who have been through the program. The final section includes information on a follow up group for parents as well as a selected bibliography on the topic of children and divorce. Group Work with Children of Divorce will be a welcome addition to the library of any professional working with children.



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A Nurse Remembers:

by Ena Kraft Jackson, R.N.

A Nurse Remembers… is a loving tribute to the dedicated health care professionals who provided care to the Frankfort community beginning in the early 1900’s.

Through the eyes of it’s author, Ena Kraft Jackson, the reader is able to see the trials and tribulations of providing medical care in facilities which were often too small and underfunded. Yet, in spite of these difficulites, Ena pressed on with her delightful sense of humor intact and strong vision for the future.

Historically important and a joy to read, A Nurse Remembers… will be a treasured addition to the liraries of history buffs, healthcare providers and everyone who enjoys a good, well-written story.

Proceeds fromt he purchase of this book benefit the Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools Education Foundation.